JACKson of All Trades

Computer Repair - No Fix, No Fee

I started building my own PC’s from component parts many years ago when a 66Mhz processor was considered state of the art. It was the only way that I could guarantee myself a PC that didn’t scrimp on performance. It was also cheaper and made troubleshooting easier, as I put it all together. I have bought complete PC’s in the past as I got  an operating system and state of the art components for less than I could source the parts myself. As a bonus I also got a 2 year guarantee on all the parts. Having said that, the PC I’m writing this on was built from individual components from Scan, again it’s about having the internals that I have specified.

I have many returning customers who all found me by word of mouth. It’s the best form of advertising!

The usual requests are :

The list is endless but I have seen most problems before.

I have a simple charging structure

You pay for my time, you don’t want to pay me for a slow PC to fix itself. I just know what to get it to do. Intermittent component failures are the worst as they don’t always show themselves whilst I’m in front of the of the PC. I have a reasonable selection of components to swap in and out to test for this.