JACKson of All Trades

My Charging Structure

If you can call it that?

            screws, glues, fillers, etc.

            Distance jobs, clock starts when leaving home.

This charge has been set based on the following criteria.

PC’s or other kit that is delivered to me for fixing will be charged considerably less as I can work on it at my leisure or whilst doing other work, hence it spreads the cost of my time.

I don’t advertise - all my work comes via word of mouth.

 £30 per hour.  Simples!

Materials will be charged the price I have to pay for them, receipts will be provided if you want them. Customer may provide own materials but I will advise on the suitability. If I have to go and get supplies that I don’t normally carry I’ll charge that time too.

So the trick is to make a list of all those little jobs that need doing that have been waiting for ages to get fixed, then contact me. I’ll do as many as I can so that you get the maximum for the hour(s) you’re paying for.