JACKson of All Trades

Some Background

“If a jobs worth doing, it’s worth doing well”

I’ll do anything for anyone, if  I’m capable and if it’s legal. People ask for my help, I suspect,  because in the words of an ex work colleague,  Quote; “You are a reliable, capable, professional, hard working bloke”

I moved to Chalfont St. Giles in 2007 after spending my first year as a primary school teacher at Chalfont St. Giles Village school. I ceased regular teaching at Easter 2016 to coincide with my wife retiring. This gave me the freedom to go and fly when the weather played ball. I’ll go paragliding or go out on my  motorbike.

The rest of my time is mostly taken up by DIY at home as I near completion of my house remodelling, and as of late, more and more ‘DIY’ for people that can’t.

The menu tabs above will take you to other pages with specifics that you might be interested in should you need my help. If I can’t do something I’ll tell you rather than attempt a bodge.

I can offer cost effective rates because I don’t have the overheads or staff to pay and partly because I have to sleep at night. Charging the same as a dedicated professional, just because that’s the going rate is not something I agree with.

95% of my work come via word of mouth and much if it is for returning clients wanting more and more jobs done.

I fit curtain rails and blinds for Carole Price Design and often end up with additional work at a later date.

Qualifications are always one of the first queries that might go through a potential customer’s mind. More information here regarding why I am right for your job and gives more of an insight as to my ethos and the events in my life that made me a ‘Jack of all trades’,  Master of some as well.

I have been described as an eccentric, but in a nice way. This web site has some of these overtones, but it is me. I can’t pretend be someone I am not.